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14k Chain Earring Charm


Color: 14k yellow gold
Step up your curated ear game with our chain earring charms. Available in 14k gold and gold-filled - making it perfect on any budget.

How to wear:
1. Create a chain hoop: Place the loop on the post behind the face of the stud and place it into your piercing. From there, place the second loop on your earring post on the back side of your ear. Slide of the earring friction back and voilà - you've created your first chain look. 
2. Create a connect chain stud: Place the loop on the post behind the face of the first stud you would like to connect, place the stud post into your ear and secure it with the earring back. Once your first earring is secure, repeat with the second stud you wish to connect. This is one of our favorite looks.
3. Create a connected hoop: Slip the loop on the first hoop you would like to connect and secure in your piercing. Once your first hoop is secure, repeat with the second hoop and watch them swoon.

  • Single chain charm
  • Made to order. Lead time may take 2-5 business days.
  • Three length options available
  • Available in 14k gold or gold-filled
  • Nickel- and lead-free


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