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Discover our key tips for curating your dream ear stack

Gone are the days when a single piercing was sufficient to make a style statement. Earscaping has elevated the art of adorning our ears to new heights, allowing us to curate stacks that reflect our individuality and sense of style.

One of the most exciting aspects of curated ear piercings is the opportunity to express your creativity. You can mix and match various earring styles, sizes, and metals to achieve a look that's entirely your own. Whether you prefer a minimalistic aesthetic, or a bold and eclectic vibe, piercings can be tailored to suit your personal style.

Before getting started with adding to your ear stack, keep in mind these key tips:

  1. Planning and Placement: Think about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Consider the shape of your ear, any existing piercings. We pierce a variety of placements from lobes to more advance placements like helix, daith, conch, trigs, rook and more.
  2. Jewelry Selection: With a wide range of 14k gold earring options available, select pieces that resonate with your style. Threaded flat-back studs are a poke-free, safe, and secure option when it comes to piercing jewelry. Since they are a low-profile backing, there is less risk of getting caught on hair and clothing, therefore promoting a better healing process. Combine studs and hoops for a balanced and dimensional stack.
  3. Gradual Additions: Remember, completed ear stacks aren't built in a day. It's an ongoing process where you can add new piercings and jewelry over time. This allows you to experiment and adapt your ear arrangement as you go.

Discover a few of our favorite piercing placements and combinations for piercing inspiration.entirely your own. Whether you prefer a minimalistic aesthetic, or a bold and eclectic vibe, piercings can be tailored to suit your personal style.

Lab-grown diamond

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as conflict-free diamonds or man-made diamonds, are diamonds that are created in a laboratory setting rather than being formed in the Earth. Despite their origin, lab-grown diamonds share the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. These stones are coveted as an ethical and environmentally friendly option compared to natural diamonds. They provide the same lustre and luxe value as natural diamonds.

White sapphire

White sapphire is a colorless variety of the mineral corundum. It’s prized for its brilliance and sparkle, similar to that of diamonds therefore is often used as a more affordable alternative while still giving a luxe look. Sapphire is a durable and suitable gemstone perfect for everyday wear.

White topaz

White topaz is a colorless gemstone that belongs to the family of topaz minerals. Its transparency makes it resemble diamond to some extent. Unlike diamonds, which have a high level of brilliance, topaz may exhibit a different play of light. Its affordability makes it a popular choice for a diamond look on a budget. 

Cubic zirconia

Cubic zirconia (CZ) is a synthetic crystalline substance used as an alternative to natural gemstones. CZ is designed to mimic the appearance of diamonds and other precious gemstones. One of the main advantages of cubic zirconia is its affordability. It is significantly less expensive than natural gemstones, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers who want the look of a precious gem without the high cost.


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